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My New EP "Nice Things" Is Now Available! 

The last time I officially released any music was four years ago. In those four years a lot has happened. I moved to Nashville. I signed my first publishing deal. I got my first cuts as a songwriter. I played nearly 300 shows all over the country. I met and worked with some of my musical heroes. I bought my first home. I wrote and recorded these six songs.

But behind these six songs are also at least four hundred other songs I’ve written that y’all won’t hear. There are 12 hour days, five days a week, where I worked multiple jobs to pay my bills while trying to make music on nights and weekends. There’s hours in my car by myself to drive and play shows for three people. There’s the word NO over and over again. There’s practice, prayers, patience and the lack of.

This is a pretty normal story in the world of music. “Nice Things” is just a small collection of songs, on a small budget, with a small team, but it means a lot to me. And you guys that have come alongside me on this journey mean even more. Thank you for letting me sing to you and for supporting this absolutely ridiculous, long shot, dream with me. If you want to keep celebrating you can make plans to join me for a live performance of the EP on Dec. 9th at 6pm at The Station Inn in Nashville, TN.

I’ll be posting every day for the next week to tell you more about the songs and the people who brought them to life with me so be sure to check back for more updates. “Nice Things” is now available on all major digital retailers and streaming sites. I hope you like it!

XO - Lacy 

Back In The Studio! 

Hey Guys! 
I'm so excited to announce that I'm back in the studio working on a new EP that's going to be released later this fall. I've been hard at work for the last couple years writing for myself and other artists here in town and I'm so excited to finally be able to share some new music with yall! I had the privilege of recording these songs at The Rukkus Room here in Nashville, TN with some world class studio musicians, engineer Jaime Tate and my co-producer Dan Hodges at the helm. I have lots of fun things I want yall to be involved in along the way so stay tuned here for updates and don't forget you can always join the email list to hear when I'm playing near you! As always, thanks for being on this journey with me and giving me someone to sing to! XO - LG


Watch Lacy On APTV! 

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to visit Alabama and perform for the fine folks at Duggar Mtn. Music Hall. They were one of my favorite stops of the year. The people were so kind and welcoming to me, and I had the best time playing and talking with them. Dugger Mountain Music Hall is an incredible ministry that serves it's community by promoting their taped concerts to an audience of more than 90 million with a weekly broadcast on Alabama Public Television. If you're in the viewing area, you can check your local listings to catch my show and support the incredible work that DMMH is doing! XO - LG

Lacy to Perform at Nashville's Tin Pan South 

I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking part in this year's Tin Pan South Songwriter's Festival here in downtown Nashville. I'll be performing in the round on March 26th with my friends and fellow songwriters Quinn Loggins, Lara Johnston, and Tori Tullier at 9pm at The Commodore Grille. You can find more information about other performers and venues at the Tin Pan South Website. If you're in the area, make plans to come check out the show, as well as the rest of the festival! 

Lacy to Return to BMI's Key West Songwriter Festival 

I'm so excited to be returning to this year's KWSWF after my debut last year. It is without a doubt one of my favorite festivals I've ever played, and I'm honored that BMI has invited me back to share the stage with so many talented writers and artists. If you're looking for a summer vacation destination, you can visit www.kwswf.com for more info about tickets, performers, and other info. Hope to see you there!

Lacy Headlining Triad Music Fest 

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of my musical journey thus far has been the community. I love North Carolina, and I am continually inspired by the wealth of incredibly talented artists and devoted fans that make up the Triad music scene. They are the ones who raised me and gave me the wings to pursue my dreams in Nashville. Independent and local artists are small businesses that need our support and the Triad Music Festival is a great way to do that.

There will be events all over the city throughout the weekend showing off regional and independent talent. You won't believe how many awesome artists there are in your neighborhood! I was privileged to take part in this show during it's inaugural year in 2011, and am thrilled to be back for an awesome night at The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Khiana Meyer and Jeffrey Dean Foster will also be on the bill. You can buy tickets and find additional information for our show here

Hope to see you there!

A Farewell to '14 

2014 was a good one for me. In a lot of ways I don’t feel ready to let go of it just yet. There are so many things I never got around to doing and an equal number of memories that I want to linger in a little bit longer. 

It was the year I turned 25. It was the year I moved downtown. The year I quit my safety net job and signed my first publishing deal. I got my first radio single. I played in new places. I made new friends. I watched the people I love get married, get jobs, get pregnant, get degrees and get passports to travel the world. 

Of course I failed a lot too. I forgot people. I missed deadlines. I compromised. I didn’t save enough money.  

But there’s one thing that eclipses all of those triumphs and disappointments. I’m not sure when or how a place becomes a home, but that’s what happened for me in Nashville this year. As long as I’ve loved this city, it feels that we made some sort of more sedentary pact this year. I listened to a band called the 1975 a lot this year and the title track to their album sings, ‘If you want to find love, then you know where the city is”. I’ve loved Nashville a long time, but this year felt like a resounding we’re in this together and for the long run. That feeling is what I loved the most about 2014. The feeling of being home.  

Whatever 2014 looked like for you, I hope 2015 is a gem. Here’s to new adventures and better mistakes! 

'A Man, Amen' Featured on NSAI's Top 40 Page 

A big shout out to my friends over at the Nashville Songwriter's Association for featuring me on their Top 40 Page for the second time! The first go around they featured my song, "Nightbird" which is available for free here on the website when you sign up for my mailing list. This time they've chosen 'A Man, Amen'. I'm so grateful for the support of NSAI throughout my time here in Nashville. Head over to their website to hear more music and to cast your vote for your favorites. 

Lacy to Perform at High Point ArtSplash 

Hey Guys, 
I'm so excited to announce that we are coming back for ArtSplash this year, after being rained out last year. I love High Point and am so grateful for all the support they have shown me over my musical journey. We'll be teaming up with the High Point Arts Council and High Point University as one of six acts in this summer long series. I'll have my good friends Sammy Shelor, Josh Tench and Aaron Williams joining me and we'll be doing some brand new songs for you.

Oh and did I mention all of this is FREE? Thank an Arts Council member and bring your lawn chair out to High Point University on Sunday, July 20. See ya there!!  

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