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Guys. There were so many great new releases this month. Jason Isbell and Sheryl Crow are back, and I stumbled on to some great finds like The Japanese House & Colony House though the local station here in town, Lightening 100. 

There are also some shameless plugs on here for friends of mine that you may not know yet, but really should get to! "American Nights" is a song written by my friend Austin Jenckes and I heard him play it at a round recently and could not get it out of my head! I bet I've listened to it a hundred times this month. My pal Kalie Shorr also released her EP, "Slingshot" which included our song "Nothing New". You might remember us writing that with Emily Landis for our YouTube Nashville project last summer. Well it's finally come to life on her EP and I think she did a great job with it. My buddy Ryan Griffin also dropped an awesome new EP including a song I've loved for years called "Drinking To Do". It's so well written and his voice will make you hurt in all the best ways.  

Check it out, and let me know what you're listening to! 

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