Top Ten Favorite Albums

I know, I know, do I even have other hobbies? To be honest, not really. I am a gherm about music, so when the "Name Your Top 10 Most Influential Albums" trend started making it's way around Facebook I obviously took it way too seriously and decided to turn it into a blog. A chronological one at that. 

1. JT - James Taylor (1977) 
The pinnacle. Who else thinks to rhyme ‘Honey, don’t leave LA’ with ‘I’m begging you s’il vous plait’? Just genius. 
Key Tracks: Your Smiling Face, Honey Don’t Leave LA, Bartender’s Blues 

2. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac (1977) 
Timeless. This one reminds me of college and my mother. 
Key Tracks: The Chain, Dreams, Silver Springs (On the Deluxe Edition) 

3. On The Boulevard - New Grass Revival (1984) 
My Dad introduced me to these guys over twenty years ago, and I think if this record came out today it would still be ahead of it’s time. It reminds to always think outside the box. 
Key Tracks: You’re the Best Friend That I’ve Known, Just Is, Get In The Wind 

4. Guitar Town - Steve Earle (1986) 
“Everybody told me you can’t get far on thirty seven dollars and a Jap guitar”. You can thank Steve for my angsty streak. 
Key Tracks: Guitar Town, Good Ole Boy (Getting’ Tough), Someday 


5.  Every Time You Say Goodbye - Allison Krauss (1992) 
This album reminds me of being a kid and riding in the back seat to church on Sunday mornings. It feels like home. 
Key Tracks: Every Time You Say Goodbye, Heartstrings, Lose Again 


6. Hell Freezes Over - The Eagles (1994) 
Pretty sure this is on the list of anyone with ears. 
Key Tracks: Wasted Time, The Long Run, Life In the Fast Lane 

7. Heartbreaker - Ryan Adams (2000) 
This album was given to me by my friend Scott Frans when I was a freshman in high school and he was an intern at Sugar Hill Records. It feels like being a teenager, and consequently it never gets old. 
Key Tracks: To Be Young, My Winding Wheel, Come Pick Me Up 

8. Home - Dixie Chicks (2002) 
This one is the pretty obvious gateway drug. This album led me to Patty Griffin, Darrell Scott and Fleetwood Mac, all listed here. 
Key Tracks: Long Time Gone, White Trash Wedding, Top of the World 

9. A Kiss In Time - Patty Griffin (2003) 
Pure poetry. This record was also the springboard for all the alternate tunings in my own songs. 
Key Tracks: Long Ride Home, Rain, Nobody’s Crying 

10. Long Ride Home - Darrell Scott (2011) 

I remember crying in the audience of Music City Roots the first time I heard “Someday”. I bought this record that night and when I saw Darrell again a few months ago I cried just the same. 
Key Tracks: Hopkinsville, Someday, You’re Everything I Wanted Love To Be 

Honorable Mentions (cause just picking 10 is still too hard): 
Luck of the Draw - Bonnie Raitt (1991) 
I May Hate Myself In The Morning - Lee Ann Womack (2005)

What albums are in your top 10? Comment below and let me know! 

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