Into The Test Tube

First things first. I did not want to write this blog. I mean, not one bit. 

I’ve been asked a hundred times to start one and I have made a hundred and one excuses not to. Blogs are lame. My life is normal. No one cares. My writing is dumb. People won’t read it. There’s already too many blogs. What would I talk about? It makes me uncomfortable. Blah blah blah. 

I still pretty much feel like all of those things are true, BUT lately I’ve been wondering what might happen if I started doing more things that made me uncomfortable. If I just sucked it up when I thought something was dumb, no good and embarrassing and did it anyway. What might that look like, and how might I grow from that? This goes beyond a blog of course, but it also starts with it. 

So my friends, consider this an experiment in my own discomfort. I’m going to put out my imperfect writing about my normal life chock full of opinions that I will probably cringe at a year from now. Oh and just a heads up... all my favorite recipes require about four ingredients, and I never actually get around to doing my pinterest projects or working out. So I'll probably talk mostly about music and Nashville and what my journey as a musician has taught me about life. I'm going to introduce you to other creative people that inspire me, and I'm going to do my best to use proper grammar. But who knows?  Maybe this whole thing is about something else entirely. 

Feel free to join me inside the test tube and we’ll see what happens together.

XO, Lacy

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