A Farewell to '14

2014 was a good one for me. In a lot of ways I don’t feel ready to let go of it just yet. There are so many things I never got around to doing and an equal number of memories that I want to linger in a little bit longer. 

It was the year I turned 25. It was the year I moved downtown. The year I quit my safety net job and signed my first publishing deal. I got my first radio single. I played in new places. I made new friends. I watched the people I love get married, get jobs, get pregnant, get degrees and get passports to travel the world. 

Of course I failed a lot too. I forgot people. I missed deadlines. I compromised. I didn’t save enough money.  

But there’s one thing that eclipses all of those triumphs and disappointments. I’m not sure when or how a place becomes a home, but that’s what happened for me in Nashville this year. As long as I’ve loved this city, it feels that we made some sort of more sedentary pact this year. I listened to a band called the 1975 a lot this year and the title track to their album sings, ‘If you want to find love, then you know where the city is”. I’ve loved Nashville a long time, but this year felt like a resounding we’re in this together and for the long run. That feeling is what I loved the most about 2014. The feeling of being home.  

Whatever 2014 looked like for you, I hope 2015 is a gem. Here’s to new adventures and better mistakes! 

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