Double Standards Hits Radio!

Hey Guys! 

I'm so excited to announce my first single to radio as a songwriter! Breelan Angel and I got together a couple months back to write and came out with her latest single, "Double Standards". It was so fun to write this tongue in cheek number and as a songwriter it was so fun to collaborate with a girl like Breelan who has no problem telling it like it is. 

What's better? Breelan chose it to be the debut single off of her upcoming album and it will drop to Itunes and Radio on April 7th. Make sure you check out Breelan's website to learn more about how to support Breelan's music or where to see her live. 

Chime in here or over on my Facebook or Twitter pages to let me know what you think about the song and thanks, as always, for tuning in! :)  

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