A Conversation With My Publicist, Me.

You need to post online. It's been four days.
Me: Do I have to? I don't really have anything to post about.
P: Yes. It's been four days. People might forget about you. Or worse, they might think you're… Read more

Now Playing: March

Guys. There were so many great new releases this month. Jason Isbell and Sheryl Crow are back, and I stumbled on to some great finds like The Japanese House & Colony House though the local station here in town, Lightening…

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Now Playing: February

New releases, a few older favorites, and  a song by one of my good friends here in Nashville, Jessica Roadcap. Hope you guys enjoy my February playlist!

Now Playing: January

Discovering and sharing new music is one of my favorite past times and as I prepare to go back into the studio to work on my own new music I thought it would be fun to document my what I'm…Read more

Re-Writing Our Rights

I originally wrote this article for the music blog, Song Suffragettes. Check them out for more music and lifestyle fun from Music City!

Over the last several years there is no doubt that Nashville has been one of the…

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Top Ten Favorite Albums

I know, I know, do I even have other hobbies? To be honest, not really. I am a gherm about music, so when the "Name Your Top 10 Most Influential Albums" trend started making it's way around Facebook I obviously…

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Now Playing: Fall 2016

In the old days it looked like burned CDs and terrible sharpie art, but thankfully we now have the less embarrassing, less scratch-able medium of Spotify. Find my Fall Playlist by following the link. Let me know in the comments…

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From Scratch

A couple years ago I wrote a song called “From Scratch”. It’s a tribute to all the life lessons I’ve learned from the women in my family and has become a song in my arsenal that people really seem to…

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Into The Test Tube

First things first. I did not want to write this blog. I mean, not one bit. 

I’ve been asked a hundred times to start one and I have made a hundred and one excuses not to. Blogs are lame…

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