Music Mentor Services 

 For the last three years I've worked as a music mentor for both private clients and in partnership with the Nashville Songwriter's Association International. I've worked with over 100 songwriters and artists across all genres, and I have enjoyed sharing the insights I've gained during my 10+ years of professional experience in the music industry. In these sessions, I'll share the ins and outs of my own successes and challenges, provide strategy and accountability for your goals, pass along useful resources, and where fitting, connect you with appropriate opportunities. Most importantly, you'll have a new advocate and friend in the music business! Below are four examples of approaches to a session that I've found effective. When booking, please indicate which sort of session(s) you are interested in.


One-Time Sessions (1 hour)  

Listening & Feedback 

- You’ll send up to 4 songs in advance of our session. I’ll listen and provide written feedback that we can then discuss in further depth on our session. We’ll talk about things like song structure, hooks, lyric, melody, and production direction. If your song has issues or you are feeling ‘stuck’, we can work on that too! This is great for newer writers looking to improve their craft or seasoned writers looking to fine-tune songs before a pitch or release.  

Industry Insights 

- Are you planning your next release? Are you looking to turn your hobby into a revenue stream? Are you just not sure what to do next? Let’s discuss your music goals and devise a strategy to achieve them! We’ll talk about things like publishing, marketing yourself, live performance, building your team, pitching songs, funding, administrative needs, etc.  

Co-Writing Coaching 

- Are you a solo writer looking for advice on how to co-write? Are you wondering how to find and connect with collaborators? Let’s discuss how to identify good co-writers, how to know what you bring to a room, how to prepare for a co-write, and how to build your network of collaborators.  

All one-time sessions are priced at $75  


Recurring Sessions: 

Recurring Sessions can combine any of the above topics and more. These sessions are also an hour each, and meant to provide a more in-depth approach and ongoing accountability on your journey.  These sessions will be designed to your unique goals and will usually be held monthly. More frequent sessions are also possible, but will be based on availability.    

Recurring Sessions are priced at $60/session, with a minimum of three sessions required. 


Please Note: These sessions are not meant to serve as a full on co-write or legal advice. While I aim to make connections and provide resources where appropriate, personal access to other music industry professionals is not a guaranteed element of a session.  

These sessions will be held virtually via phone, Zoom or Google Meet..